FRICTION FILMS is a film production company registered with the Gov't of Canada that has employed ACTRA, IATSE & int'l talent for its productions. Friction has produced feature films in Canada & abroad for festival viewing & worldwide distribution.

Vladimir Bilenjki

VLADIMIR BILENJKI is a writer, director & CMPA-certified producer. A graduate of York University's Film Production program, his debut narrative feature, Dad (92 min.; 2020) was distributed by HBO after landing at leading European film festivals. He also edits, scores, designs & handles all development & post-production matters on his productions.

Rongtian Tong
 deputy director

RONGTIAN TONG is an academic focused on cultural research. He did his undergraduate studies in International Business with a minor in Sociology & has recently completed his MA in International Studies from the University of Washington. While completing his degrees, he serves as a consultant on productions.